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Invisalign is the newest craze in the field of orthodontics dentistry today. No wonder a lot of people including celebrities rocked it; what made Invisalign standout is its ability to perfect someone else’s smile without affecting their physical appearance. It has proven to have a lot of edge among the other orthodontic braces options. It might be pricey to invest in an Invisalign, but opting for it is always worth it!

We at Gardner & Swanner is a certified provider of the advanced treatment of straightening and aligning teeth and smiles, Invisalign. Invisalign guarantees an effective yet comfortable braces experience. Since it is made of clear aligners, it is highly invisible making it ideal for people who want to perfect their smiles discreetly. With Invisalign, there are no cleaning hassles since it is removable. Also, it provides a fast treatment compared to traditional braces. Indeed, achieving a beautiful smile is made easy by Invisalign.

What makes Invisalign ideal?

Invisible Appearance. Wearing Invisalign will not distract anybody’s smile. It is completely unnoticeable.

Removable. With Invisalign, there are no food restrictions. Want to eat hard foods? Don’t worry! Take off that Invisalign and eat out.

Comfortable. There is no scraping of metal brackets on the side of the cheeks. Just plain smooth aligners.

Quick Fix. Someone does not have to wait too long to give their smile a fix. With Invisalign, faster results are achievable within a year or less.

Excellent Result. This is the primary reason why investing in an Invisalign is always worth everyone’s money. After the treatment, a new beautiful smile is guaranteed. But of course, don’t forget to wear retainers.

Celebrities Who Wore Invisalign

Zac Efron. This High School Musical star cures his diastema or the gap between the incisors and molars with Invisalign.

Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber talks about his life of being an Invisalign wearer in some of the interviews and showed them on some videos.

Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has an impressive smile. Well, she got it from Invisalign too. She was spotted wearing it in her show.

Khloe Kardashian. Invisalign gives an end to Khloe’s crooked teeth. Now, she’s embracing her new pearly-whites!

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Like these celebrities, you can own the best smile too! Let us help you improve the appearance and form of your teeth! Book your appointment with us at Gardner & Swanner for your Orthodontics needs in Richmond, VA. We are located at 8133 Forest Hill Ave. Suite 201 Richmond, VA 23235.

“Staff very pleasant. Hardly any wait time once you arrive. Can normally get me in within 1-2 days with an emergency. This review is still true… called on Mon, had an appt on Wed❤️❤️”

Sylvia Green

“A very friendly Dental practice & one where anyone of any age will feel comfortable in knowing that the staff is caring, compassionate, and professional. The level of care you receive here is second to none.”

William Grigg

“Really amazed at the process you used to ensure the positive outcome of the procedure of aligning my teeth! Dental work has progressed so much that I kept my mouth open in awe!
Good for getting the job done!”

Mary Vest

“I had my first appointment here today. It was wonderful. The whole team is very compassionate and actually explains everything and listens intently to your concerns. Will definitely use them as my new dentist. Loved it.”

Katherine Stott

“Wonderful family practice! They schedule my appointments so I can go with all my kids (5) at one time. Also had a great experience re-surfacing my front teeth and they’ve never been whiter!”

Rebecca Madison
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