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At Midgette Dentistry, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care for our patient’s periodontal health. As experts in the field of periodontics, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy gums and the structures that support your teeth.

If you are experiencing symptoms of gum disease such as red, swollen, or bleeding gums, we are here to help. Our state-of-the-art laser gum surgery, LANAP gum treatment, is a minimally invasive and highly effective option for treating gum disease. Not only is this procedure less painful than traditional gum surgery, but it also has a shorter recovery time.

We invite you to choose Midgette Dentistry for your periodontal needs and experience the benefits of advanced dental care. Our team of highly trained and compassionate professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Laser gum surgery, also known as the LANAP® protocol, is a state-of-the-art treatment for gum disease offered by Dr. Patel. This laser-based procedure is gentle, minimally invasive, and can be completed with little to no discomfort for the patient. In contrast to traditional periodontal surgery, the LANAP protocol does not require cutting or suturing, making it a patient-friendly option for those seeking to improve their oral health.

One of the major benefits of the LANAP protocol is its ability to minimize recovery time. Most patients are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately after the procedure, with minimal discomfort and bleeding. In addition, the LANAP protocol helps maintain a beautiful smile line by minimizing the risk of gum recession, a common side effect of traditional surgery.

The LANAP protocol also targets inflammatory bacteria, reducing gum inflammation and bleeding, and has been shown to be effective in saving teeth that may have otherwise been deemed “hopeless” with traditional treatments. It’s also safe for patients with health concerns such as diabetes, HIV, hemophilia or those taking medications like Plavix or aspirin.

Overall, the LANAP protocol offers patients a fast, comfortable, and effective way to improve their oral health and maintain a beautiful smile. If you are experiencing gum disease and are interested in learning more about laser gum surgery, we encourage you to speak with a periodontist to see if the LANAP protocol is right for you.

Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is a serious oral health condition that affects the gums and surrounding tissues supporting the teeth. It’s caused by the buildup of bacteria in the mouth and is typically the result of poor oral hygiene practices. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and other serious health problems.

At Midgette Dentistry, our periodontist, Dr. Patel, is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients suffering from gum disease. We offer a range of treatments to help reverse the effects of gum disease and restore the health of your gums. These treatments may include deep cleaning, scaling and root planing, and medication to help control the infection and promote healing.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of gum disease, such as sore, swollen, or bleeding gums, dry mouth, or receding gums, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Dr. Patel can help diagnose the cause of your gum disease and provide the necessary treatment to help you regain oral health. We can also provide education and guidance on proper oral hygiene practices to help prevent future occurrences of gum disease.

Don’t let gum disease control your oral health—contact Midgette Dentistry at (804) 272-2010 today for professional periodontal care.

“Staff very pleasant. Hardly any wait time once you arrive. Can normally get me in within 1-2 days with an emergency. This review is still true… called on Mon, had an appt on Wed❤️❤️”

Sylvia Green

“A very friendly Dental practice & one where anyone of any age will feel comfortable in knowing that the staff is caring, compassionate, and professional. The level of care you receive here is second to none.”

William Grigg

“Really amazed at the process you used to ensure the positive outcome of the procedure of aligning my teeth! Dental work has progressed so much that I kept my mouth open in awe!
Good for getting the job done!”

Mary Vest

“I had my first appointment here today. It was wonderful. The whole team is very compassionate and actually explains everything and listens intently to your concerns. Will definitely use them as my new dentist. Loved it.”

Katherine Stott

“Wonderful family practice! They schedule my appointments so I can go with all my kids (5) at one time. Also had a great experience re-surfacing my front teeth and they’ve never been whiter!”

Rebecca Madison
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